Melanie Rose

A Model's Journey

So an eating and dress body tape have been holding together my poor broken glasses for months. A much need new glasses appointment was necessary. I asked for cute Zoey Deschanel big dorky glasses. Ill style for these, LensCrafters.

Forth of July! So what if there was a massive rainstorm. The hamptons were still a blast and the sun came out after for beach days and bonfires.

Out for a brunch and watching the World Cup. I like a sport??? What???

Out for a brunch and watching the World Cup. I like a sport??? What???

Back in the city. Time for healthy salad making, sangrias in Disney Paris princess glasses, and playing with Leia.

My photoshoot in France! Me and Alexandra Banti had a great day sharing or love of fantasy and shooting in Provence. She is so talented and a wonderful interesting person. I love how these came out! 

France!!!!! Too much to say and too many pictures! :) 

Sangria is definitely my drink. This farewell before France dinner at The Hummus Place was so delicious. So many hummus and tapas choices. And very much romantic as always.

A great wine restaurant find on a night after a long shift.

A paid shoot - woot! The designer and organizer was Yeon Lee. Her creative and friendly team made this New Jersey studio shoot so relaxed and fun. Well it was fast - hundreds of socks, tights, leggings, and scarfs to photographer from their fall collection! I loved loved the Korean style clothing. Can’t wait to see how it came out. It’s the first time I was driven home from the shoot and so close - literally five minutes over the George Washington Bridge. 

A great weekend of home made wine berry drinks and mini golf at Randell’s island. Well the golf was lame and in took an hour to find darn google maps..